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Client Information Form

Note: All New Clients must register first before submitting a request.
It is important that you provide all the information below so that we have the correct contact information on file. Happy Mutz Pet Service uses email to send invoices and confirmation of reservations or cancellations. Please be sure to provide a valid email address. If any of the information below changes, please contact our office so we may update your records.

Secondary Owner ***Authorized to schedule service & make decisions regarding the care of your pet**

Emergency Contact **If the Primary or Secondary contacts are unreachable**

Pet Information 


Pre-Existing Conditions

Behavior Information

1. Has your pet ever bitten a person or another animal:

Vet Authorization Form

Vet Information and Release Form

This facility offers emergency service after regular hours?

I understand that in the event of an emergency, Happy Mutz will make every attempt to contact me.
If I cannot be reached, I authorize the following: 

In the event of illness or injury, I authorize Happy Mutz to seek appropriate medical treatment for my pet. I understand that every effort will be made to take my pet to the vet clinic specified on the emergency form if the situation permits however; Happy Mutz has the authority to seek treatment at any veterinary clinic.

Furthermore, I agree to reimburse Happy Mutz Pet Services of full payment prior to ending service of incident for veterinary fees and all related cost including transportation in any amount up to                            (please specify dollar amount per pet. Common amounts are $200, $1000, or unlimited).

This release does not expire and will remain valid for all future Happy Mutz services.

Upload Vaccine Records Here

Thanks for submitting!

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